Vont 2-Pack LED Camping Lantern Review

LED lanterns are very useful tools for both indoor and outdoor use. If you’re planning for overnight camping or you live in an area where power outages due to storms or floods is a very common thing, you are going to require an emergency backup light.

Modern LED lanterns are portable, lightweight, easy-to-use, and provides a great source of lighting during emergency power outages.

Though many people believe that the smartphone’s LED flashlight is sufficient for emergency power outages, this is not true for all cases. It will not sufficient especially when you need decent light that will last a long time.

When it comes to choosing the best LED lantern for camping or emergency power outages, you will find a lot of options to choose from. Out of so many different models, the Vont LED lanterns are one of the top-selling lanterns on the market.

But, are they worth the money? To find the answer we decided to conduct this Vont LED lantern review. We are going to discover the features, benefits, and problems of this LED camping lantern.

Let’s get into it:

Vont LED Lantern Specifications

Before moving to the review, let’s take a look at the specifications of this LED lantern:

vont camping lantern review
MaterialsMilitary-grade plastic, steel handle, LED bulbs
Number of LED’sTotal 30 LED bulbs, 3 sets, 10 LED’s on each set.
Light Temp & ColorCool white
WaterproofIP44 water-resistant
Power Source3 AA batteries 1.5V (Included)
Battery Life12+ hours
DimensionsDiameter: 3.4 in (8.6 cm)
Collapsed Height: 4.8 in (12.3 cm)
Extended Height: 7.20 in (18.3 cm)
Weight10.2 oz (293 g)
PriceView Product

Vont LED Lantern Review

The Vont LED Camping Lantern is one of the perfect lanterns for camping and emergency preparedness. It is highly compact and one of the brightest LED lanterns on the market. It emits dazzling 360-degree light that illuminates the darkest campsites as well as the largest tents or spaces.

Vont is the original patent holder of this lantern design. In the following section, we are going to discuss the key features, benefits, and problems of this camping LED lantern.

Design & Construction

First of all, the Vont LED camping lantern is extremely well-constructed. It has a durable military-grade plastic body with an adjustable foldaway steel handle. Its folding design makes it one of the perfect companions of camping or any other outdoor trip.

When closed, the lantern becomes extremely small and can be packaged into any small backpack or luggage. So you can conveniently transport this almost anywhere you want. The lanterns are crafted in the United States and manufactured in China under strict quality control.

vont led lantern review

The construction of this lantern is almost unbreakable, and it can withstand a 10-foot drop while remaining fully functional. Both outdoors and during emergencies, it can withstand rough handling and harsh elements.

The lantern is available in packs of 2 and 4. When the batteries are included each lantern weighs a little over 10 ounces, which is very lightweight for bringing around on outdoor trips.

It runs on 3 AA batteries, and the good thing is the batteries are included with the package. So, you don’t need to spend extra money on purchasing lantern batteries.


Brightness and battery life are the core feature of any LED lantern. Luckily, the Vont LED lantern produces 140 lumens of light which is not the best but good enough for camping and emergency use. The LED bulbs are environmentally friendly and shiny, but they will never harm your eyes.

vont lantern review

The collapsible design helps you to reduce the brightness by not fully extending it. So, you can control the brightness and get the perfect lighting according to your requirement.

The 30 LEDs are arranged in a circular way to provide 360 degrees of illumination. When you need to light up your tent or a large space without electricity, the 140 lumens should be more than enough.

Battery Life

The battery life of this lantern is also very impressive. Three AA batteries are required to operate the lantern and the batteries are included in the package. However, for backup purposes, you can take additional batteries.

The estimated battery life of each Vont LED camping lantern is more than 12 hours. After that, you need to replace the batteries. What’s impressive is that you can enhance the battery life by up to 90 hours by changing putting lower settings.


As we mentioned earlier, this is an extremely portable camping lantern. It weighs around 10 oz and comes with a collapsible design. The lightweight and collapsible design allow it to be stored and carried in a very compact, space-saving box. The foldaway handle So, there is no issue with the portability of this lantern.

Ease of Use

The lantern should be very easy to operate since you are going to use it during emergency power outages. The Vont LED lantern’s collapsible design with a simple On/Off button makes it super easy to use. Even in a dark situation, you can easily run this lantern. There’s no need for a complex configuration or fumbling around in the dark looking for the small power button.

The lantern can be placed almost anywhere. You can place it on a camping table, on the ground, or hung from the handle.


With an IP44 rating, this is a waterproof LED lantern. So, you can use this on night fishing trips, or during any emergency situations such as hurricanes.

However, it’s better not to submerge it in water or use it in heavy rain. This will damage the battery compartment. The lantern is good for use in moderate rains.


The most impressive part of this lantern is its price. The 2-pack lantern comes under $20 (less than $10 per lantern) which is excellent. Considering the performance and features, it provides the best value for the money.

You can save more money by purchasing the 4-pack version which comes under $30. Take a look at the current pricing of these lanterns:

PackBuy Now
2 PackView Product
4 PackView Product


The Vont camping LED lantern comes lifetime warranty which is another great feature of this lantern. For as long as you own the product, it is protected against loss and defects in materials and workmanship. So, it will be the safest investment to buy this lantern.


Overall, the Vont LED lantern provides excellent value for the money. With compact and lightweight design, impressive performance, lifetime warranty, and under $10 price range, this is one of the best LED lanterns for emergencies. It will be a great addition to your emergency kit.


  • High-quality military-grade plastic body and durable steel handle.
  • Foldable, lightweight, and easy to carry.
  • Three panels of LEDs (10 LEDs per panel) provide up to 140 lumens and 360-degree lighting.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Runs of 3 AA batteries and batteries are included.
  • Runs more than 12 hours at regular brightness and up to 90 hours at lower brightness.
  • Provides the best value for the money. Each lantern comes under $10.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • It’s water-resistant but not 100% waterproof.
  • The brightness may not sufficient to cover a large area.
  • Due to any pressure or movement, the lantern can turn on automatically.

Having a stable and reliable lantern is a must for nighttime outdoor activities and emergency preparedness packages. With all the essential features and great performance, the Vont LED lantern has become an ideal option for both indoor and outdoor emergencies.

You will never go wrong with this camping LED lantern. The light, consistency, durability, longevity, and efficiency will satisfy you. And the best bang for your buck deal is the under $20 offer for two lanterns!

Vont 2-Pack LED Lantern

Design & Construction
Battery Life


The Vont 2-Pack LED lantern achieves 4.7 out of 5.00. It comes with all the essential features and functions that you may require for emergency lighting.


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