7 Essential Summer Camping Tips

Going out camping this summer? Maybe it’s your first time. Or maybe you just want to know how to make your camping experience more enjoyable.

Well, look no further. With our top summer camping tips, you’ll be on your way to having the time of your life.

Essential Summer Camping Tips

When you plan a camping trip in the summer season you need to prepare for some additional things to make the trip successful. Take a look at some essential tips for camping in summer:

01. Lose the Fly of Your Tent

Beat the heat with this simple trick. Unless your tent is made of a breathable fabric, it’s better if you take the fly off your tent. It’ll help improve airflow, keeping you cool during the sweltering nights and humid days.

If bugs are a concern, you could consider a mosquito dome. It’ll keep the bugs out, while still maintaining airflow and tackling humidity.

When choosing a tent for your camping trip try to pick a waterproof tent. This type of tent not only shelters you but also ensures you stay dry during heavy rain.

If you are planning to stay on the back of your pick-up truck, you can choose a truck bed tent.

02. Pick the Right Spot

This is crucial advice. There are various factors to consider when picking a spot.

This is necessary to find and set up the campsite in the right place. Pick a place with shade, or bring your shades. It’ll help you keep your cool.

camping in summer

Stay away from water bodies. The closer you are to streams and lakes, the denser the bug population will be, so it’s advisable to avoid any water source altogether.

Don’t find places with unnecessary wind cover. While more trees allow for easier set up of your tent and probably more places for hammocks if you’re in a group, but the trees will only restrict the airflow, something to keep in mind.

03. Stay Hydrated

It’s appalling how often this simple advice is overlooked. An average adult needs 2 liters of water a day, even more, when you’re in a hot and humid place without the luxuries of Air Conditioners or even fans.

04. Carry a Cooler

camping cooler

Portable coolers are lifesaver. These are made for keeping your foods and drinks cold for a longer time. Some cooler can hold the insulation for several days. Before going on a camping trip make sure you have the best hard cooler on your gear list so that you can enjoy the trip with your favorite snacks and beverages.

05. Bring a Fan

Since you most likely can’t carry around an air conditioner when you’re out camping, we recommend bringing a portable fan with you, especially if it’s your first-time camping. It’ll provide a backup plan if you start getting too hot.

06. Head out for a Swim

While being close to water bodies puts you in the proximity of more insects, it gives you the option of having dips to cool yourself off as often as you want.

A suitable option is having a mesh tent, allowing maximum airflow, while also keeping the bugs out. You’ll have to be quick when coming in and out of the tent though, otherwise, those nasty creepy-crawlies will be stuck with you in that tent, with nowhere to go.

Needless to say, you wouldn’t want to bring this along if there’s a possibility of rain.

07. Bring Along Useful Equipment

To make this tip a little unambiguous, here are a few recommendations:

  • To ensure comfortable sleeping, make sure you pack the right sleeping bag. You can check our complete list of the best ultralight sleeping bags under $100 and pick the right one for your needs.
  • DO NOT forget to bring a first-aid kit. You wouldn’t want to end up on a “Camping gone wrong” video now, would you?
  • Carry all other necessary items. In the off chance you’re stuck in a tent without breathable fabric, have no pools nearby and the wind seems to be non-existent, a cooler will certainly come in handy.
  • If you are planning to take your dog on camping make sure you have dog friendly tent on your gear list. Also, make sure you take enough food and drinks for your dog.
  • If you’re planning on bringing along lighting, choose orange lighting. Since it produces barely any heat, you won’t be a hotspot for bugs.

That’s it for our tips for camping in the summer. Do you feel we missed something out? Feel free to post your best summer camping tips down in the comment section.

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