Best Waterproof Tents on the Market – Reviews & Buying Guide

Tents are mostly used as a shelter when we camp outside the home. If you plan to spend a night comfortably during your camping trip, you are going to need a tent. There’s a wide range of camping tents available on the market.

Tents come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and features. One of the most important features of a good performing camping tent is its water resistance capacity. Without having a good waterproof tent you can’t imagine a successful camping trip, especially in the rainy season.

So, which one is the best waterproof tent on the market? This may be a little difficult for most people to pick the right tent for rainy weather. We reviewed a lot of water-resistant tents and finally come up with some of the best waterproof tents that you can consider to buy for your upcoming trip. We hope, this will save you a lot of time researching and finding the right tents for your needs.

10 Best Waterproof Tents

The followings are the top 10 best waterproof tents on the market:

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01. Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent

best waterproof tent on the market
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After reviewing several models, we found that the Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent is the best waterproof tent on the market in terms of quality, features, and value. This is mainly a medium-sized family camping tent. The interior space of this tent is good enough for 4 people to stay comfortably. Coleman made this tent with its popular WeatherTec system which ensures that you stay dry in all weather conditions. Additionally, there’s a door awning for extra protection from rain and hot sun. It also features a very quick setup so that you can enjoy more time with your family. The large windows are helpful for providing proper airflow inside the tent.

Highlighted Features:

  • WeatherTec system for better weather protection
  • Easy and quick setup (10 minutes)
  • Electrical port system
  • Storage pocket included
  • The great value of money

02. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent

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The Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe is mainly a large size camping tent. If you are looking for a large family camping tent, this one is a perfect fit for you. It can accommodate 8 person and a lot of other items during camping in outside. The tent is made of durable Hydra-Shield and 100% cotton duck canvas. It another great is a water-resistant camping tent for large family or group. The interior is very spacious and the ceiling is 6’6’’ which provides an easy walk around the tent. There are two large D style door and four no-see-um mesh window which provides proper ventilation. Overall this is one of the best waterproof tents for premium lovers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Great quality camping tent
  • 100% cotton duck canvas
  • Large interior
  • Handy storage bag included
  • Gear loft included

03. Eureka Copper Canyon 4 -Person Tent

best tent for 2 adults and 2 dogs
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The Eureka Copper Canyon 4 is another 4-person waterproof camping tent. It is a cabin-style tent with a spacious interior. It is made of good quality polyester fabrics that durable and long-lasting. The fiberglass frame is sturdy and durable. The 6-pole cabin style tent is very easy to set up. There is only one large D style door. Though a single door is not that much easier to exit or entry, it’s good for this medium size tent. There are 4 large windows for ensuring excellent ventilation inside the tent. The factory-sealed seams ensure you stay dry in all seasons.

There are two gear pockets included for external storage. This is a fire retardant tent. An electronic power port system is included which ensures electric power supply inside the tent. Therefore, a gear loft and carry bag are also included. Overall, if you are looking for the best waterproof family tent, this one is really a great option.

Highlighted Features:

  • Large interior
  • Durable polyester fabrics construction
  • E port system included
  • Waterproof and fire retardant tent
  • Gear pocket, gear loft, and carry bag included

04. MSR NX 2-Person Backpacking Tent

rainy weather tent
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This is a small size 2 person camping tent by MSR. It is constructed with 20-denier ripstop nylon. The best thing about this tent is – it is a 3 season tent. So, you can use this tent most of the time in a year. The interior space is spacious enough for accommodating two people. The freestanding design allows you to set up this tent within minutes. There are two doors and several mesh panels for breathability. The company is offering a 2 years warranty. Overall, it is really a good option for a small waterproof tent.

Highlighted Features:

  • 20-denier ripstop nylon construction
  • Freestanding design
  • Roomy interior
  • 3 Season Tent
  • 2-years warranty

05. Coleman WeatherMaster Outdoor Tent

coleman weathermaster tent
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If you are looking for a large size and waterproof camping tent for your upcoming trip, the WeatherMaster 10-person tent from Coleman is definitely the right option for you. There are rooms for three queen size beds. The inside is tall enough to ensure comfortable movement inside the tent. Like other Coleman tents, it also comes with the WeatherTec technology which ensures you stay dry in all seasons. There is a large front door and room divider to ensure privacy. A large size tent normally takes some time to set up. But this WeatherMaster tent takes only 20 minutes to set up. Overall, if you are looking for a large size camping tent, the Coleman WeatherMaster tent is one of the best waterproof tents on the market.

Highlighted Features:

  • 10 person tent
  • WeatherTec technology for better weather condition
  • Easy and quick setup (20 minutes)
  • Large interior with room divider
  • Best value for the money

06. Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

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The Browning Camping Big Horn is a freestanding two-room tent. It is a very good option for a large family camping trip. There are two separate rooms which provide privacy and enough space for several numbers of people. Two large doors, six windows, and a mesh roof provides ample ventilation inside the tent. Since it comes with a tall center, people with long height can easily move into the tent. The tent takes a few minutes to set up. It comes with all the necessary elements like a storage pocket, guy rope, steel stakes, polyester fly, etc. Overall, it is a good waterproof family tent for the money.

Highlighted Features:

  • Two-room tent
  • Premium construction materials
  • Freestanding design
  • Quick setup
  • 2 large doors and 6 windows for proper ventilation

07. Coleman Sundome 2-Person Dome Tent

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The Sundome is one of the best cheap waterproof tents by the popular brand Coleman. It is constructed of the WeatherTec system which ensures that this tent will keep you dry in heavy rain. Since it is a small 2 person tent, you can easily set up it within 10 minutes. It comes with door awning and rainfly which provides more weather protection. The ground vent and windows ensure proper air circulation and keep you comfortable inside the tent. There’s a storage pocket included for keeping small items and portable carrying bag for carrying the tent easily. Overall, this Coleman waterproof tent is really a good choice if you are looking for a small size tent.

Highlighted Features:

  • WeatherTec system for better weather protection.
  • Quick setup (10 Minutes)
  • Storage pocket and carrying bag included
  • Protected rainfly and door awning
  • Cheap waterproof tent

08. AmazonBasics Outdoor Camping Tent

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The AmazonBasics is 100% polyester made waterproof camping tent. This is a dome style, 3 season camping tent which you can use for 4 person camping trip. It is made of durable materials. The heavy-duty coated-polyester fabric makes this tent 100% waterproof. There’s a removable rainfly which creates extra rain protection. The uniqueness of this tent is the cool air-flow port which provides fresh air inside the tent. Like most other camping tents it also comes with an internal mesh pocket and carrying bag. This tent is an ideal option for any kind of short camping trip. Overall, this is another cheap waterproof tent that you can consider to buy for your upcoming camping trip.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100 polyester-made tent
  • 3 season camping tent
  • Cool air-flow port
  • Quick setup
  • Good value of money

09. Coleman Montana Tent

coleman waterproof tent
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This is another large Coleman waterproof tent. It is made of polyester. The WeatherTec system ensures good water protection. The interior of this tent is spacious enough for keeping 3 queen size beds where 8 people can stay comfortably. It features a very easy setup. You can set up this tent within 15 minutes. There is an extended door awning which helps to keep the rainwater away from the tent. The best part about this tent is – it is a lighted tent. It features built-in CPX LED lights which creates 100 lumens of illumination during the night so that you can enjoy the party. Other necessary items like a storage pocket, carrying bag, etc. are also included. Overall, it is a good waterproof family tent for the money.

Highlighted Features:

  • Polyester made tent
  • WeatherTec system for good water protection
  • Spacious interior for a large family
  • Quick setup (15 minutes)
  • Lighted camping tent

10. TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent

best instant waterproof tent
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Here we come up with the last waterproof tent on our list. This is a durable and lightweight waterproof tent by TETON Sports. It is made for rugged conditions and features an easy and quick setup. The tent includes waterproof rainfly for keeping the rainwater out. This freestanding dome tent provides proper ventilation. This is an ideal tent for camping and backpacking in rainy weather conditions. The company made this tent with long-lasting materials. All the necessary elements are included in this tent.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% waterproof design
  • Long-lasting materials
  • Easy and quick setup
  • Made for rugged conditions
  • Perfect for any type of camping trips


Camping is always exciting for every outdoorsman. If you are an avid camper you must have a good quality camping tent for your regular camping trip. Waterproof tents are very essential for camping in rainy weather. You can’t stay protected from the rain without having a good quality waterproof tent.

Finding the best waterproof tent on the market will take you a long time. You have to check a lot of available tents and compare them with features and customer reviews. The above-listed tents are made of great quality waterproof materials to keep you dry on heavy rain.

If you don’t have enough time to spend on researching the market for the best waterproof tent, you can check our above-listed tents and pick the right one that fulfills your needs.

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