Best Tents for Heavy Rain – Reviews & Buying Guide

Let’s say, you are planning for a camping trip and the weather forecast is showing a possibility of rain, what do you do?

Well, camping is always an exciting experience. It’s not a good idea to cancel your trip just because of the possibility of rain.

Though camping in the rain is misery for some people, it is much more fun for the most camper. But in order to have a great camping experience during a rainy season, you must have a waterproof camping tent on your camping gear list. A good quality waterproof tent is good enough to keep you dry during rain. Therefore, it allows you to enjoy watching and listening to the raindrops falling on the roof of the tent.

If you really want to have proper safety on your camping trip during the rainy season, all you need is to have a good quality waterproof tent. There’s a wide range of tents available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Moreover, they come up with a variety of features.

To help you find the appropriate one among all available tents, we’ve come up with some of the best tents for heavy rain. Check the following list and pick the best one that fulfills most of your needs.

Top 10 Best Tents for Heavy Rain

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01. Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent

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The Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent is specially designed for easy and quick setup so that you can spend most of your time enjoying the trip. The dimensions of this tent are 9×7 feat plus 11-inch center height. So, it is surely good enough to stay 4 people inside the tent overnight. It is a great tent for warm-weather camping. To keep you dry in bad weather conditions, especially in rain, this tent comes with the WeatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams. Therefore, a rainfly has included an integrated door awning to keep the rain getting away into the tent.

There are large windows and a ground vent which ensures proper ventilation. It comes with built-in storage pockets so that you can keep your gear well ordered. The tent usually takes around 10 minutes to set up. It comes with a convenient storage bag for easy and comfortable carrying. The price is comparatively cheap and reasonable comparing other Coleman tents.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4 person tent
  • Easy and quick set-up (10 minutes)
  • Built-in storage pocket
  • Dark-room technology
  • Storage bag included

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02. Standing Room 4 Person Cabin Tent

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Standing Room Family Cabin Tent comes with a fully waterproof fabric ceiling. It features 8.5 feet of headroom which is huge enough to stand up and walk around. It can accommodate four people at a time. The heavy-duty construction guarantees to keep you dry even in heavy rain. There are two large doors and two large zipper windows to provide proper ventilation and easy access into the tent. Since the doors are on a separate position in the tent, you can attach additional tents. The setup process is very easy and fast. There are canopy hooks attached to it for easy setup of the tent. Therefore, you will get an easy-to-follow instruction manual which helps you to configure the tent in minutes.

There are four storage pockets attached inside the tent for keeping your necessary items like – cell phones, batteries, etc. Additionally, a loop tie is located in the enclosure of the tent for hanging your clothes or towels. A storage bag is included for keeping and easy carrying of the tent. The company is offering a 30-day refund policy to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Overall, it is a great family tent for the money.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fully waterproof fabric ceiling
  • Extensive interior for four camper
  • Large doors and windows for excellent ventilation
  • Setup in minute
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

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03. NTK GT Series Dome Family Camping Tent

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The NTK Cherokee GT series family camping tent features a double layer full coverage rainfly. If you are looking for the best tent for heavy rain, this one is simply a great option for you. The tent comes with 100% waterproof polyester construction which is laminated with polyurethane. There is a 2500mm water column rainfly which provides full coverage and keep your family dry in heavy rain. It is a large size family tent. The dome shapes provide a lot of space for sleeping and storage. A group of 8-9 people can easily stay inside the tent.

Like the Standing Room Family Tent, it includes two large 2-way zipper D-style doors with mosquito mesh protection. It features a detachable room divider. So, you can create a separate space for extra privacy and convenience. Like most other camping tents, it includes a storage pocket and a carrying bag. The tent features a pin-and-ring system for easy and quick setup. The sturdy construction ensures the durability of this tent. Overall, this is a great option for a family tent for camping in the rain. The price is a little higher but the quality worth the price.

Highlighted Features:

  • Double layer full-coverage rainfly
  • 100% waterproof polyester construction
  • Large interior space and storage pocket
  • Large door with mosquito mesh protection
  • lifetime pole replacement guarantee

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04. Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent

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This is a durable and lightweight backpacking tent build for any kind of rugged condition. It is a 100% waterproof tent and comes with a great built-in ventilation system. There’s an extra-high waterproof bathtub floor which keeps the ground out of the water. The build construction is really great. Poles are made of lightweight aluminum which makes the tent durable and lightweight. The sidewalls of the tent keep the elements out. There are two doors in the tent for optimum ventilation and easy movement. The tent features a very easy one-man setup. It also has gear pockets for additional storage. There is a carrying bag included in this tent. Overall, it is a great alternative for little money. You can choose anyone according to your requirement. There are three different sizes for 1, 2, and 4 person use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Works well in hard weather condition
  • Storage pocket and carrying bag included
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Footprint included for keeping the tent on top

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05. Campla Camping Tent

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Campla Camping tent is constructed with the long-lasting anti-wear polyester material. This is an ideal outdoor camping tent for 2 to 4 people. This waterproof and windproof camping tent is suitable for any kind of rugged weather condition in 4 seasons. It features mesh doors and a top ceiling for proper ventilation. The top part allows you to enjoy the sunshine as well as bring fresh air inside the tent. The zipper doors allow easy to enter and exit the tent. There’s an LED USB light facility that helps you to light up the tent by using your portable power bank. This waterproof and insulating LED lighting system surely makes your camping trip safe and more enjoyable. Poles are made of durable aluminum. The tent is very easy to set up and close. A carrying bag is included for comfortable carrying. Overall, it is will be a great companion for several outdoor trips like – camping, hiking, fishing, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable Anti-wear Polyester Material Construction
  • 100% waterproof tent for 4 season use
  • Built-in USB LED lighting system
  • Proper ventilation system
  • A great value of money

06. Coleman Waterproof Instant Tent

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This is another best tent for heavy rain by Coleman. This is mainly a 6 person camping tent. It comes with WeatherTec system which guarantees to keep you dry even in heavy rain. The pre-attached poles are really helpful to set up the tent within a minute and also take town instantly. The spacious interior provides enough space for accommodating 2 queen-sized beds where 6 people can stay comfortably. The center height is 6 feet or 71 inches. It’s good enough to move comfortably inside the tent. It is constructed with 150D fabric. The tent is fully taped and you don’t need to use any separate rainfly. Overall, it is a great tent for any weekend trip with the whole family.

Highlighted Features:

  • WeatherTec system for guaranteed water resistance
  • Instant set up and take down (Within a minute)
  • Large interior space
  • No separate rainfly needed
  • A large tent for a family trip

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07. CORE 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

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The CORE Straight wall cabin tent is a large 10 person camping tent. It is constructed of 68D water-resistant polyester fabrics. There are seals around the door and the windows which ensures that the rain will never come into the tent. Two queen size air mattresses will fit perfectly inside the tent where 10 people can stay comfortably. The center height is 86 inches. It’s large enough to move into the tent easily. It includes a room divider which helps you to create two different rooms. There are two doors and several windows to ensure proper lighting and airflow. Therefore, it features adjustable vents that draw cool air from the ground and propel hot air through the mesh ceiling. There is an electrical access port included for running power into the tent. To keep the tent and other accessories, it includes a 210D polyester carry bag. The Company is offering a 1-year limited warranty. Overall it is a great tent for large group camping.

Highlighted Features:

  • Water-resistant fabrics
  • Large interior
  • Advanced Ventilation System
  • Room divider and rain fly included
  • 1-year warranty

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08. Clostnature 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent

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This is another waterproof backpacking tent. Clostnature developed this professional mountaineering tent for use in both hot and cold weather. It is also designed to be super portable and waterproof. This tent provides a cozy sleeping space for 2 people on camping. The company uses the Ripstop material for extreme durability and the factory-sealed archives provide excellent rain protection. The aluminum poles are made of heavy-duty aircraft-grade materials. The interior height is more than 7 inches. It allows the tall man to lay down easily. There two windows and a mess wall which creates excellent ventilation. Large D-shaped doors on each side allow easy access into the tent. For storing small accessories there are two storage pockets included inside the tent. It comes with a very easy and quick setup feature. Overall, this tent will be another great alternative to the best tent for heavy rain.

Highlighted Features:

  • Excellent rainproof protection
  • Durable construction
  • Ensure proper ventilation
  • Easy and quick set up
  • Excellent design

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09. MoKo Waterproof Family Camping Tent

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This waterproof family camping tent by Moko is a very good alternative for a small family trip. It features 2500mm+ water-resistant for flysheet and 5000mm for the floor. All the fabrics used in this tent are fire retardant. The tent is super easy to set up and close. It provides enough interior space for 3 people to stay comfortably. Though the 52-inch center height is not sufficient enough for tall people, it is good for average people. The fiberglass poles are very sturdy and durable. Since it is a small tent, there is only one door and window system. Other features like storage pockets and carrying bag are included. Overall, it is good for a small family camping.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4-season family camping tent
  • Water-resistant construction
  • Fire retardant fabrics
  • Storage pocket and carrying bag included
  • Detachable rain fly

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10. Sowin Automatic Pop Up Camping Tent

sowin automatic pop up family camping tent
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This Automatic Pop-up Family Camping Tent by Sowin is waterproof, durable, and lightweight. It is a pop-up tent which means that you can set up this instantly with the help of the pre-attached poles. Therefore, it is also easy to take down the tent within minutes. The roomy interior provides enough space for 3-4 people. The rain fly and the inner tent is constructed with 190T waterproof polyester fabric. In addition, the floor trap is made of 150D waterproof oxford fabric with sealed seams for maximum protection. There are two doors and four windows for instant ventilation. A built-in hook on the middle of the top is helpful for hanging lanterns or fans. Two mesh pockets included for keeping important accessories. Therefore, a carry bag is included for keeping and carrying the tent. Overall, it is a perfect tent for camping in heavy rain.

Highlighted Features:

  • Automatic pop-up tent
  • Waterproof construction
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Removable rain fly included
  • Storage pocket and carrying bag included

Buying Guide – Choose the Best Tent for Heavy Rain

Having a perfect waterproof camping tent is a must for every camper. When it comes to choosing the best tent for heavy rain, you will have a lot of options. So, this will be difficult for some new buyers to pick the right tent. There are some factors that you need to look for before choosing the best tent for rain.


The first and most important factor to consider is the materials that are used in making the tent. The key purpose of a waterproof camping tent is to keep you protected from the rain. A perfect waterproof coating is a must for every tent.

Most of the waterproof tents are constructed with waterproof fabrics. But this doesn’t mean that the tent can cope with the heavy rain. So, you have to look for a high waterproof rating and you can easily find it by looking at the fabric specs and coatings on a tent.

The waterproof rating represents the water-resistant level of a tent. It is measured by the Hydrostatic Head (HH) of the tent. When a tent has a 1500mm or more HH rating it is called a waterproof tent.

Along with the waterproof design, you should also look for the fabrics used in a tent. For heavy rain conditions, you may consider nylon and polyester fabrics.


This is another important factor that you need to look for when shopping for the best tent for heavy rain. A rain fly is an essential element that creates extra protection during rain. A standard waterproof camping tent comes with a fully-covered rain fly.

The rain fly should be constructed by heavy-duty weatherproof fabric. Most of the rain fly comes with mesh fabrics. The mesh fabrics are helpful for keeping you protected from insects. Therefore, modern tents feature clip-on attachments which are helpful for easy and quick setup.

Tent Design

Sometimes the design of the tent affects the waterproofness. To make a tent waterproof and compatible with heavy rain, a lot of features and functionality is added to a tent. So, you have to consider checking all the details including the pros and cons of a tent.


Most waterproof tents have come with two different types of wall systems – single and double. Both of them have some pros and cons.

A single-wall tent indicates that its one-layer fabric will provide the breathability and waterproof attribute.

A double layer wall provides a separable outer layer that is supposed to resist the rainwater. At the same time, the inner tent provides proper air circulation.


Ventilation should also get topmost priority when picking a camping tent. When staying in a tent during rain, we all have a tendency to close all the doors and windows of the tent. This is necessary to keep the water out. But at the same time, it stops the air circulation which is not good at all.

In order to get rid of this kind of problem, you should look for a tent that features sufficient ventilation even when it’s raining.

Footprints and seams

These two factors are important to look for especially if you want the ultimate safety during camping in rain.

The footprints add extra protection to keep you away from the dirty and wet ground. And the seams are helpful to keep the tent leak-proof. It also adds a protective layer between the ground and the tent floor.


Most of the time, the price of a tent depends on the size. The price of different sizes of tents is ranging from $70 to $300 or more. If you look for extremely good quality, you should consider the high price tag. For a small camping tent of 2-3 people, paying around $100 is reasonable. If you look for a large tent, you should be prepared to pay $200 or more. If you are very tight on budget and still looking for a good quality tent, check our cheap tents list.

Final Words

A camping tent is an essential item on anyone’s gear list. Camping in the rain is definitely a misery without having a perfect waterproof tent. Since there’s a wide range of tents available on market, it’s sometimes difficult for new buyers to choose the right tent.

In this article, we tried to come up with the best tents for heavy rain. We checked a lot of waterproof tents available on market and finally picked the top 10 for you. Though the above-listed tents are suitable for any kind of hard weather condition, we advise you to check each various features of each of the tents and pick the best one that fulfills your needs. Hope you will get the right camping tent for your upcoming trip.

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